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BW-Fixators® – Series LS:

BW-Fixators® series LS work well especially with easy machines and additional aggregates. But because of the extra long setting range of 30 mm they are applicable wide-ranged.

Common applications of series LS are additional aggregates such as palett tables, tool changers or supply units.

Besides the solid construction and the extra long settng range the series LS feature a wide range of mounting options. They can be screwed on or through or they even can be welded. Because of the compact construction these BW-Fixators® are very cost-efficient.


Installation Varieties and Technical Information:
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Instruction for installation:
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Machine alignment with BW-Fixators®:
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Dimensions and technical data for series LS


Technical Data


Consists of the housing, threaded levelling element and spherical bearing


Consists of the housing, threaded levelling element


Levelling element with inside hole Ø17


Clamping stud M16 x 150 for max. e = 80 mm


Resin anchor, capsule and stud M16 x 300 for max. e = 60 mm


Spherical washer set for non-parallel bearing surfaces Ø40 x 10


Side anchor bolts for connecting BW-Fixator® to the foundation, 2 resin anchors and 2 studs M16 x 130 (not shown)

Permissible maximum load25 KN
Permissible maximum lifting load10KN
Specific torque at levelling screw45 Nm/10³ kg
Vertical Adjustment per screw turn1,5 mm
Max. Adjustment30 mm
Weight1,6 kg