Industrial Measuring with Laser-Tracker

Besides the Installation of BW-Fixators® we can offer you a wide range of services related to the installation of your machine. With our modern Laser-Trackers we can provide multiple tasks in measuring.

Our experienced engineers work around the world for you, they come to your construction site and assume all measuring tasks. You can fast and straightforward start to built up and launch your machine and periphery.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact our technical salesmen.

We provide


The capabilities are from

  • Marking of axes / points
  • Marking of drillings
  • Imaging of complete hall layout
  • Scribing of steel plates

over the measuring up to the installation of different components e.g.

  • Anchor bolts
  • Dowels
  • Steel plates
  • Sealing disks for Oil Tray Installation
  • Datum plates
  • Rails as storage area for pressing tools
  • Drillings (floor and wall)

for your machines and periphery e.g.

  • Pallet systems
  • Tool changers
  • Rail systems
  • High-bay storages
  • Protective fences

Foundation Inspection

A further component of service is the inspection of machine foundations. Because we are often on site for the Installation of BW-Fixators® prior to your technicans, we can pre-inspect if the foundation parameters are fulfilled. This includes a resurvey of important dimensions (cavity for chip conveyor, walls, mounting rails, etc.) and a visual inspection of the foundation (ladders present, connections for electricity or compressed air, etc.). In case of doubt you can not only save unneccessary travel expenses but also you may have the opportunity to do customization work required due to the local circumstances before the machine will be shipped. As a result your time to build up the machine and the operating time of your technicans can be reduced significant.

Measuring of existing machines and periphery

(Machine relocation)

In case you need to relocate your used machine we can measure the existing installation points. These will be prepared from us and can be used for the re-installation. This method has been proven with old machines for which no plans are available anymore. If plans are available, peripheral additions or technical modifications made throughout the years may not be included.