Drilling- and Grouting-works

Besides the Installation of BW-Fixators® as the all-round carefree package we of course offer you – independent from buying BW-Fixators® or not – all kind of drilling- and grouting-works related to your machine foundation.

If you want for example use your own leveling elements, you can save a lot of time of your technicans by enganging us for drilling- and grouting-works. Please don’t disregard our proven Measuring possibilities.

We have modern core drilling machines and use exclusivley high-quality drilling equipment. And dont’t mind if there are any issues at your construction site, our engineers will be your troubleshooters.

For grouting-works we recommend our Grout,  which has been proven a thousand time in the range of machines installations.

Please do not hesitate to get an offer from our technical salesmen.