BW – Fixators® Series RK

For machine tools and heavy equipment.

For levelling, adjustment and fixation of machinery and other heavy equipment

Industrial measurement with Laser-Trackers

Verifying, marking, resurvey, ….
With precise laser technology we can provide any measuremt works!

BW – Fixators® Series S

For levelling, adjusting and fixation of bolster plates.


Leveling elements with tradition –
Since more than 60 years quality “Made in Germany”

Welcome at Fixatorenbau Bertuch & Co. GmbH

The company Fixatorenbau Bertuch & Co. GmbH, short “BWF”, is producing and selling machine leveling elements for the stiff connection of machine and foundation for more than 60 years. These leveling elements have a legal name protection since 1965 and are worldwide known as BW-Fixators®. Quality, adherence to schedules and expert edvice are attributes, our customers appreciate ever since. More…

The right BW–Fixator® for every machine

In long-time cooperation with machine manufacturers BW-Fixators® were developed for diverse requierments. Our product range provides a solution for every installation. More…

The installation of a machine becomes easy as possible

Pre-installation of BW–Fixators®. Industrial measurement with Laser-Trackers. Drilling and grouting. With over 30 years of experience we are the right partner for connecting your machine to the foundation. More…

Be colourful!

Our BW-Fixators® are also availabe in every RAL colour.

Lasts a lifetime

These BW-Fixators® of series K should have been moved together with the machine after 30 years. Same as the machine the BW-Fixators® were still fully functional, the customer just needed new anchor bolts. Unfortunately series K is not produced anymore so that the customer switched to series RK. Now the machine is standing in it’s new place, with new shoes.

New look for our service cars

Our service cars have a new look. Now you know from afar, that you are in good hands.

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