Pre-Installation of BW-Fixators®

Our installation service contains the measuring and grouting of BW-Fixators® into the foundation before the machine installation. The drilling of anchor holes can also be done by us.

It doesn’t matter if 3, 30 or 300 installation points, with our precise Laser-Trackers and our long-time experience we are able to install leveling elements for every machine fast and accurate.

Multi-level measuring is also possible.

We would be happy to prepare a quotation for you.

Accurracy of measuring:

X-Y-direction: ± 0,5 mm

Z-direction:     ± 0,2 mm



Installation service:

 Benefits of Pre-Installation

  • Precise measurement with a laser tracker.
  • The machine can be set and aligned immediately after arriving.
  • No waiting time due to concrete or grout curing.
  • The position of the machine is predetermined by BW-Fixators®.
  • Due to precise setting of the BW-Fixators® only minimal alignment is needed

In Summary: Large cost and time saving during the machine installation.

Monteure von BW-Fixatoren besprechen die Vorab-Installation für eine Maschinenausrichtung. Sie zeichnen Ihre Anmerkungen in einem Bauplan ein.

Schedule of Pre-Installation

At the beginning a reference coordinate system will be created in accordance with reference points, levels or offsets from specific benchmarks provided by the customer. These reference points can be already existing machines, pallet- or rail-systems, foundation edges or even hall walls.

The coordinates provided by the customer for the BW-Fixators®  will be imported to our system. Further we are able to measure coordinates for palett- or rail-systems and other machine periphery and accessory.

The marked anchor holes will be drilled, or if the anchor holes are provided on-site we can conctrol them. After that every leveling element will be placed and grouted.

After drying of the grout, the position of the leveling elements will be reviewed and recorded in the measurement report.

Any questions? We will be pleased to help!

What we need to make an offer

  • Amount, size and position of the BW-Fixators®
  • Certified installation plan which shows
    • the position of the main axes on the foundation or to other peripheral features of the surrounding building,
    • the position of each individual BW-Fixator® and
    • the respective thickness of each mounting foot.
  • Place of installation
  • Are the anchor holes provided on-site or should we drill them?