BW-Fixators® – Overview

In long-term coopertation with well-known machine manufacturers BW-Fixators® for diffrent applications were developed. Our wide range of products provides the right solution for every alignment.

BW-Fixators® –
Series RK

for tooling machines and heavy equipment

BW-Fixators® –
Series LS

for light machinery and additional sets

BW-Fixators® –
Series LK

for anti-vibration installation of machines

BW-Fixators® –
Series SW

for absorbtion of horizontal forces

BW-Fixators® –
Series EK

for tooling machines

BW-Fixators® –
Series MS

for electric motors and compressors

BW-Sealing Covers

for sealing holes

Oil Tray Installation

for a modern and eco-friendly machine alignment

Requierments for BW–Fixators® for machine alignment:

  • Actuated connection between machine and foundation
  • Simple and economical installation
  • Low-friction and thus exact adjustableness
  • Sufficient adjustment height with all employments
  • Function guarantee by sufficient protection of the adjusting elements
  • Universal possibilities of adaptation at cases of application
  • Sufficient security against unintentional overloading
  • Security against arbitrary adjusting
  • Small indulgence by full edition of all basic surfaces (no edge pressing)


Only a few machines provide enough torsion-resistance to meet the required working precision without the support of a frictional connection with the foundation or hall floor. Assuming that the foundation itself is torsion-resistant enough considering the weights that need to be absopted they will still shift long-term because of setting of the construction site or shrinkage of the grout.

Other important factors for foundation displacement are, that by the occuring machining forces – moving workpieces, free mass forces because of moving machine parts etc. – the tracking forces on the machine bed permanently change.

As a result, the aligning of the guiding surfaces gets lost after only a short period of time. The working accurancy of the machines is no longer guaranteed and the guiding surfaces wear out much faster.

Therefore it is necessary to install BW-Fixators® between the machine and the foundation. These allow to compensate the shifting of the machine ground by any time.